Wednesday, August 22, 2007

At the Context conference

I am currently attending the Context conference. The last previous two days there has been workshops and today the conference officially started.

The first day, I went to the CSLP workshop. I presented the paper, Reasoning about Use Cases using Logic Grammars and Constraints which I have coauthored with Henning Christiansen and Knut Tveitane. It was the first presentation of the day and my first paper presentation at a conference. Quite the experience trying.There were many interesting presentations at the workshop some of which I found particularly inspiring and thought provoking.

The second day I attended some talks from the MRC&CHUT-07 workshop as well as a few from the CIR workshop. Both contained some fairly interesting talks.

The third day started with very interesting talk given by David Kirsh On being situated. There were several other exciting papers presented during the day as well as a poster
session in the afternoon.

The invited talk by Peter Gärdenfors on "Concepts, cognition and context" was also a really exciting talk. He talked about some the concepts from his book "The geometry of thought". Really interesting stuff.

Definitely a nice conference. There were many definitions of context and some splitting hairs over what context really is. There doesn't seem to be a consensus about this. However, there many good talks on various topics related to context such as the semantic web, ontologies, linguistics, cognition and other areas. Many of the talks were really interesting and it's nice to get some different perspectives.

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