Wednesday, April 25, 2007

iWaste: Apples aren't green :-(

I am the happy owner of a MacBook Pro, a nice computer with a really nice OS. Or, at least I used to be happy about it. I have had quite ambivalent feelings since I discovered that Apple is one of the biggest pigs when it comes to toxic chemicals in computers :-(

Then I heard that Apple is going to let the share holders vote about removing those toxics. Actually it seems that the board opposes doing it:

"Apple's board says it opposes the resolution, arguing that the company already has adequate environmental standards."

from computer world article

Yeah right! Your standards are about the lousiest in the industry! I hope that your sales drops if this doesn't change. Is the only way of being environmental about this to not buy Apple computers any more? If that is the case, I already bought my last mac. Doesn't Apple realize that this is going to drive their stock down?

Greenpeace is running a campaign where you write Steve and tell him that you are unhappy to. Consider doing it. Go to to check it out.

Follow up: Apple has responded to criticism from Greenpeace

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